One of the best body builder in the world: Franco Columbu

franco columbu workout frank zane diet arnold schwarzenegger diet lou ferrigno diet franco columbu diet plan franco columbu diet and workout dorian yates diet franco columbu nutrition        Franco Columbu began his athletic career at age of 14 in the island of Sardinia where he was born. Believe it or not, his main interests were boxing and football. At the small gym where he began training everyone was saying that "athletes must eat better than most of the people if they want to be outstanding". They believe that every good boxer and soccer player should start the day with three or four eggs for breakfast preferably eaten raw. Also rated high on their list of essential foods were fish and horse meat. The value of horse meat was based on the notion that eating it became as strong as enduring as the animal itself.

Jay Cutler Nutrition and Workout

Nutrition Tips from Jay Cutler

      - at the end of each workout, nutrition is very important. Each session ends up with a protein shake usually from MuscleTech.
     - the meals before and after training are the most crucial of the day. A solid breakfast as well is important in order for you to have all the nutrients to be able to perform all the heavy weights. Jay Cutler nutrition includes 6 meals a day are recommended, and one of his favorite is "Jay Cutlers Mr Double "O" Bowl" which contains over 100 grams of protein mainly from white chicken, rice, onions, green pepper and garlic.
     - as per him, in time you learn what foods to eat and how to adjust. Your body will require different nutrients at different stages of growth. Jay Cutler nutrition is based on chicken, egg white, carbs and MuscleTech Supplements on top of that , having in consideration that he is training 6 days a week.
     - the most important meals of the day: breakfast, before and after workout should be calculated in order to get the right amount of nutrients.
     - eating enough will help you to avoid overtraining the body.

Jay Cutler Workout Tips
  • keep the number of repetitions low (@10) and push as much heavy weight as possible is one of his techniques. Heavy weights builds muscle. 
  • train each body part once or twice a week.
  • take 1 day or 2 days rest/week.
  • include 15 minutes posing session to monitor your progress. This is in case you are following a bodybuilder career. Posing is the most artistic aspect of bodybuilding. As he prepares for competitions he analyzes every muscle.
  • involve a lot of stretching and massage up to 3 times a week to allow the muscle to recover from workout and become bigger, more defined, more conditioned. 
  • genetic is one of the factors that might influence your growth, but only a disciplined animalic workout routine will define and grow your muscles.
  • Cutler workout includes as well cardiovascular conditioning in order to maintain a stable level of energy. 
  • do the stuff that allows the least amount of stress. Stress is the biggest factor in training for a competition. 
  • give time to rest and to eat properly. You don't want to be in the gym beating yourself up more than you need to. Your body will start to read what's going on and will adapt to the situation.

Jay Cutler

     " I know what goals i want to accomplish. So every day when i wake up i look around. I achieved so much. I look at myself in the mirror. I am very happy with the results but i still want more. I can become a better champion. That's what drives me. "
Jay Cutler

    jay cutler breakfast
    jay cutler breakfast
        The body it's a unique thing. It adapts to different situation but you can over-train it very easy. The only way you can avoid this is to eat enough. If you are under-eating you will shortly run out of energy and destroy the muscles you were trying to build. To enable efficient intake, each ingredient should be diced, weighted and sauteed. Indulgence it's not an option so you must push yourself to eat even the dishes are not among your favorites.