Larry Scott muscle growth story

     Larry Scott started his muscle growth story in a small city, in Idaho. The fact that he wanted to be loved, and appreciated determined him to start working on himself, instead of blaming others for the fact that people were disregarded him. One day, the answer to his prayer came as a blessing. He was looking for informations regarding muscle growth stories, when he discovered, in 1965, into the dumps, a Weider Magazine. On the cover of the magazine was Steve Reeves. And that was the beginning.
    His journey lead him to California, looking for nutrition tips. He learned more, and gradually grew bigger. Overcoming the fear of failure, Larry won Mr. California in 1960. But this little success motivated him, and soon he decided to train for a new competition, against the best champions of the world. Scott was excited, but nervous. He was wondering if he can compete against those huge guys. Tasting from the failure cup, he was a little bit scared of Harold Poole, which dusted him in the past. But he knew that he must get bigger in order not to be shrinked just by comparison.

Frank McGrath muscle growth story

     He thought that he's career is over, but he decided to give it one more shot. That changed his life forever.

    A lot of people told him that is finished. That
the fight is over. But he could't quit. He tried his best and he came up back on stage, no matter what others told him. That was in 2009.