Kevin Levrone muscle growth stories

      Kevin Levrone started working out in high school, gym classes. He wasn't really fit. At just 50 kg, he was really small. He was always the last guy to grow up, making him to look as a kid in front of his friends, fact that disturbed him and made him to want to change.

      The first competition was a power lifting
event, at the age of 22. At that time he was 
working out for 3 years already. He was 87 kg, 
and he bench pressed 405 pounds. That was his first taste of lifting heavy. The day after that he started self educating about his working out routines. He synthesized the information gathered from successful muscle growth stories found in Joe Weider magazine. A strong knowledge accelerated his growth rate.

      As time was passing, he noticed that he was strong and the fact that it was easy for him to gain muscle mass determined Levrone to compete in other challenges. His first professional competition was in 1992, at Chicago Pro Invitational when he won the 3-rd position, ceasing the first place to Porter Cottrell. The muscle growth stories of his models became the foundation of his training. Shawn Ray was one of his preferate bodybuilder.

Steve Reeves muscle growth story

      Our heroes are individuals that are strong in body and in mind, capable of kindness and compassion. In 1959, a new hero emerged. He brought on the silver screen the body of a God. Movie magnates everywhere were amazed by his animal magnetism. And the world of cinema was never the same since then.

      STEVE REEVES - A Hero is Born
      He was born in Glasgow, Montana in 21 January 1926. He was always an active child but he discovered bodybuilding during high school. In the early 1940's, bodybuilding was considered by the public as being a muscle bound cause. But Reeves really liked what he saw. John Grimek and other bodybuilders of the time inspired him. His muscle growth story started in the garage of the family house, using a simple barbell set. He used to collect pictures with parts from the body of other bodybuilders, uniting them in a single picture that represented his ideal body. Not long after that he joined a body builder gymnasium. Working with the raw material of the greatest genetics the world of body building has ever seen, within a year and four months, he gained over 30 pounds. He started workout at the age of 16 years. Month by month he was making outstanding progresses, succeeding to build 10 pounds of lean muscular mass every month. In Oakland, the Reeves philosophy began to materialise. "We not only strive to build a balanced life, but also a balanced physique" was his saying. He had no interest in building muscular size merely for the sake of size. Shape and proportion are also important goals. "To be in shape and to be fit is a good thing, but I don't think it should dominate and lead your life. It's just one of the aspects of your life. I would recommend a person to have a symmetrical physique. I believe that is more desirable to the general public. When I start working out my arms were 14.5, and my calves were 16.5. Very disproportionate. So I didn't workout my calves until i gained 16.5 in my arms. Then i build them until 18."
accident when he was just 18 months old. From then, he was raised by his mother. The boy seemed destined for fame in the world of health and fitness winning the