5 steps to grow your muscles

Step 1 - Use high intensity training.

Muscle Growth Stories - Bench Press
Muscle Growth Stories - Bench Press
Using high intensity training (100% of your muscle capacity of lifting) will definitely put you on the right track in you want to increase your muscle size. For example, if i can bench press 300 pounds and i do it only with 100 pounds in my workout that means that i am training at a very low intensity level. If i am training lifting 280 pounds, near the limit i can bench press than that will be considered a high intensity exercise. So gear up and push close to the limit but attention not to injure yourself. If you feel too much pressure, than drop some weight.

Step 2 - Keep the number of reps low (6 - 10 reps)

In your workouts you should activate the strength and speed muscle fibers, not the endurance ones. If your goal is to grow muscles, than you should keep the repetition range within this limit. What does it mean? Studies proved that a normal athlete that at 100% capacity will do 1 repetition, will perform at 60% capacity 14 reps. For example, if you're maximum weight with which you can do 1 single bench press is 200 pounds, you will probably do 14 reps using 120 pounds. So keeping repetition range between 6 - 10, will help you see results faster.

Step 3 - Allow your body to recharge the fuel between the sets.
Muscle Growth Stories - Muscle Cells Recharge
Muscle Growth Stories - Muscle Refuel 
Inside the muscle cells we find a fuel called ATP. The speed muscle fibers has this fuel already inside the cells and that allows a very quick reaction in case the body needs a fast contraction of the muscle. Once the energy source is depleted, the cells need time to recharge. Keep in mind to workout in an anaerobic mode, and each set should not last longer than one minute. Than means you need to achieve the peak of how much you can lift within that minute. Otherwise you are training in an aerobic mode and you are not building muscle. Allow your muscles to recharge in order to perform the next sets with maximum efficiency.

Step 4 - Alternate the exercises.

Every exercise has a certain lifespan. For example, let's say you want to train chest. If you start and you do push ups, at the beginning its a very useful exercise, very low risk. However, initially you are training the strength and speed fibers, and after a period you will train the endurance fibers, because your muscles already get used with the stress level. That happens when you go over 14 reps with the push-ups. That means that exercise life span has ended. Next step is to move to another exercise where you can add more resistance. An exercise that has unlimited life span is the  barbell flat bench press (chest press). In this case, once your reach the limit, you always can add more weight.

Step 6 - Use age in your advantage

Maybe you believe that if you are 50 years old you cannot grow your muscles. It all depends on the testosterone level. If the level is low, you will not be able to increase the size, but you can develop the strength. It takes a little bit more time, but it can still be done. Starting at an early age is not recommended, but there were exceptions that proved that is possible.